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China's semiconductor equipment industry will be growing at a high speed in 2016

Guide reading:Integrated circuit as the core of the semiconductor industry, because of its complexity, the industrial structure has the characteristics of highly specialized, can be subdivided into IC design, chip manufacturing and IC packaging and testing industry of three sub industries.

collectionCircuit formingAs the core of the semiconductor industry, because of the complexity of its technology, the industrial structure has a highly specialized feature, which can be subdivided intoICDesignIndustry, chip manufacturing and ICEncapsulation testThe three sub industry group of the industry. The integrated circuit equipment manufacturing industry provides production equipment for the chip manufacturing industry and the IC packaging and testing industry.

Integrated circuit industrystructure

The market of integrated circuits is huge, and the proportion of domestic market is increasing continuously. According to SEMI(International Semiconductor Industry Association), in 2015, the global semiconductor equipment market revenue amounted to 37 billion 300 million US dollars, of which China's market revenue was 4 billion 880 million US dollars, accounting for 13.09%, up 1.43% compared with 2014. In 2016, China's equipment market revenue is expected to be $5 billion 320 million, an increase of 9.02%, and a further increase to 14.07%.

Global sales revenue of semiconductor equipment

China semiconductor equipment sales accounted for

But the domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry is the most vulnerable. Unlike other sectors, there are different international leaders. The market structure of the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry is dispersed, and the high-end market is almost monopolized by foreign countries, so it is urgent to integrate the industry. It is embodied in the low or even decline of home-made equipment domestically made in China, and the production capacity is far from satisfying its own needs.

China's semiconductor equipment localization rate is low or even decline

Two thousand and fourteenNo Chinese manufacturers are listed in the ranking of semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the year

The low domestic rate shows that semiconductor equipment has a high entry threshold for local enterprises. The development cycle of semiconductor equipment is long, the amount of investment is big and the risk is high. The more advanced process equipment cost is high, such as a ASML lithography machine easily is 4, 50 million dollars, and even if it is difficult to successfully enter the international supply chain manufacturers. In this case, it can only produce 8 inches and some 12 inch 28nm semiconductor devices at the present stage, and it is difficult to enter the large IC manufacturer's supply chain system.

We believe that under the impetus of industrial transfer, national policies and new emerging applications of semiconductor, semiconductor devices will usher in opportunities for development, and the localization rate will increase. And the integration of overseas M & A and industry through platform companies will be the main drive.

On the global scale, the semiconductor industry is undergoing third major shifts, that is, the transition to developing regions such as mainland China and Southeast Asia. According to the data of IC insights, in 2007, the output value of IC in mainland China was 4 billion 590 million US dollars, accounting for only 1.96% of the global share, but by 2012, the IC manufacturing output value of mainland China has increased to 8 billion 910 million US dollars rapidly, and the global share has also increased to 3.50%. It is estimated that by 2017, the IC share of the mainland will account for 7.73% of the world's total. In 2012-2017 years, the output value of China's local IC will grow at an average compound growth rate of 16.5%. The global upgrading of IC manufacturing in mainland China also reflects the trend of capacity transfer. The transfer of capacity is likely to lead to the absolute growth of domestic equipment sales.

ChinaICThe output value of the total global output value has been gradually increased

ChinaIntegrated circuitFrom track to lead, the equipment industry will be an important link. The localization of semiconductor equipment will be greatly reducedChinese coreThe investment cost of chip manufacturers will improve the competitiveness of China's chip manufacturing. In order to promote the development of China's semiconductor equipment industry, the country has issued three supporting policies in the last year. The development of domestic semiconductor equipment has important strategic significance. Under the impetus of policy, the domestic semiconductor equipment industry will still maintain a rapid growth trend in 2015.

National policy promotes the development of semiconductor equipment industry

In addition to the introduction of laws and regulations for indirect policy guidance in various departments. On the other hand, investment funds are set up to speed up industrial development. In June 2014, the state set up a country of 138 billion 720 million yuan.Integrated circuit industryInvestment funds, which have already or are in the process of establishing local integrated circuit investment funds, have been close to 140 billion yuan. The Seven Star electronic acquisition of the North microelectronics is supported by the big fund, and the future big fund will probably have more layout in the field of semiconductor equipment.

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