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Jing Chuang achieved national high-tech enterprise
2017/12/30 23:59:27

Recently, the administration of the recognition network announced the second batch of Jiangsu province in 2015 to identify a list of "high-tech enterprise of national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Beijing advanced electronic technology limited company is one of them, with the end of the 10 days of publicity, Beijing electronic record was officially recognized as the national high-tech enterprises, the State Department is set in the high-end equipment manufacturing technology innovation spirit of Beijing and received great recognition results.

"High tech enterprise" as a national certification, is a national key high-tech fields to support, can continue to transform research and technological achievements, the formation of enterprise core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprises, for any one to rely on science and technology in the conduct of enterprises, is an indispensable strength to prove. The application of high-tech enterprises has strict requirements for the core intellectual property rights, innovation ability indicators, the proportion of high-tech personnel, R & D expenses, sales revenue and so on, and it needs to be evaluated by experts for six months until they are identified.

It is reported that Beijing Electronics was founded in 2013, has just three years with key technology, advanced equipment and excellent products and good reputation in the field of cutting equipment for the semiconductor industry has changed the prejudice to become an independent school, the precision and performance of traditional domestic equipment, gradually become the substitute for imported equipment of pilot.

In the future, Jing Chuang will continue to innovate in the way of exploring and researching advanced cutting equipment, and will continue to increase investment, adhere to high-tech research and development, and apply it to practical services, and further help SMEs grow together.

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