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IC wafer

IC waferIt is generally made of silicon (Si) composition, divided intoSixInches,EightInches,TwelveThe size of the inch is different, and the chip is based onwaferIt is made.ICNeed to beWaferA sub unit on a chip on the segmented crystal particles from the body.

Main cutting features:

The cutting precision is high, the requirements of the positive and back avalanche are high, the added value of the product is high and the reliability of the equipment is high.

Recommended models:

AR3000 type6 inchesICWafer recommendationSmall area, simple operation and maintenance.

AR6000 type8 inchesICwaferRecommendEconomic benefits;

ar7000、AR8000 type8-12 inchesICwaferRecommendIt has powerful function and high precision.

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