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QFN Multi-chip Dicing

QFNQuad Flat No-leadPackageA square flat and non pin package), one of the surface mount packages, which is now commonly calledLCC. It is square or rectangular. There is a large area bare pad in the center of the package for heat conduction. Around the package of the big pad, there are conductive pads that achieve electrical connection around the periphery.

Main cutting features:

The main cutting object is the alloy frame. Because of the high-speed grinding process, the edge metal is ductile and easy to burr.

High cutting precision and shapeCPKHigh requirement of value, high added value of product and high requirement for reliability of equipment.

Recommended models:

☑ AR7000 typeThree pieces of the sameThe disk clamping is cut, the alignment mode and the alignment algorithm are preferred, and the efficiency is high and the precision is high.

 AR8000 typeDouble axis cutting, automatic alignment and cutting, the machining efficiency is higher.
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