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LED frame

point / pcb Packaging is widely used in LED Display screen and LED Lighting industry,LED Light source is luminescence Diodetube By,GaAs(Shen Huajia),GaP(Lin Huajia),GaAsPThe core is made of a semiconductor, such as gallium arsenide.PNIt has the characteristics of small size, energy saving, long life, high brightness and environmental protection.

Main cutting features:

The cutting efficiency is high and the precision is high. Because the processing speed of the general product is very fast, the reliability of the equipment is higher.

Recommended models:

AR3000 typeIt can realize automatic alignment, high cutting efficiency and high reliability of equipment.

AR7000 typeAt one time, eight pieces of same disc cutting can be realized at most, automatic alignment and automatic cutting, high production efficiency and high precision of equipment.

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