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crystal optical glass

optical glassIt is the basis and important component of the photoelectric technology industry. Silica is the main component, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good chemical properties. It involves in optical communication devices, optical transmission and other fields.

Main cutting features:

The cutting precision requirements are high, and the cutting quality, such as the positive collapse and the back avalanche, is high.

The thickness of some quartz glass is large. It is necessary to use high power spindle, configure the appropriate cutting parameters and select the appropriate cutting blade.

The added value of the product is high and the reliability of the equipment is higher.

Recommended models:

AR3000 typeFor small size (SixThe cutting of the device is equipped with automatic alignment and high power spindle with high efficiency and good cutting precision.

AR7000 typeFor large size device cutting or small size multi disc simultaneous cutting, a size two rate microscope system is set up, and the automatic alignment efficiency is higher.

ALR4000 typeThe laser cutting is used to change the cutting process from the mechanism, reduce the edge and the requirement of the cutting load, and the cutting efficiency is very high.

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